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dear magic hotel + carpooling to our paartahay

Dear Magic Hotel,
I'll be in OHIO at the end of this month photographing Science Fiction authors. On the 28th I'll be looking for a place to crash in ZANESVILLE or COLOMBUS. Then later in the week in Cincinatti and Cleveland for Cat Valenti's wedding on the 1st. Lemme know.


On November 10th I'll be in WASHINGTON DC photographing a famous politician. I'm thinking of coming in on the 9th and staying over -- if you're in cab distance of the Capitol and have a free sofa that night and want to hang out, let me know.

Which brings up...

There are people driving significant distances (like from Wisconsin) to our party this weekened. If you're driving in from somewhere, or you're stuck somewhere and want to come out, over, up, or down, you can post a comment and possibly find other like minded people to carpool with. If one or more of yas is an axe murderer, I take no responsibility, but I will point out it's hard to swing an axe in a car.

Thanks to the people on Twitter who helped me pick out this outfit for trillian_stars

I'm in NYC today for Photo Expo. Drop me a line if you're here too and want to hang out.

Now back to your regularly scheduled good day.

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