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Casa del Milla is filled with people and it is a happy place. Some of the out of town visitors have arrived for trillian_stars' play tonight. silveringridd got here last night from Illinois and is currently out with daphnep admiring art at the Barns Foundation. trillian_stars and valya_dl, who drove from chicago or something, (and whose resume enticingly includes being a "goth cocktail waitress") are out at Rx having brunch. alibaster is out from Australia via California and is currently somewhere in the house being molested by cats. (Not Roswell, who is out on the back porch with me enjoying the rain and watching birds with the attention of an engineer defusing a bomb.)

The Guest Quarters have received a touch-up and the cave is now party central. Alice and Lindsay are staying down there:

Last night the wonderful Holly Gaiman (@hollyherself), in Philly for a week from London, threw a party here for her friends from Bryn Mawr which went splendidly. Everyone was, as they say, delightful and before everyone left, they cleaned the house, which is one sign of quality friends. I was hard pressed to find an errant potato chip this morning.

Tonight is the special production of trillian_stars' play, The Weir for the out of town guests. Tomorrow's the big party. So far we're all better for the experience.

I'm going to ask people at the party tomorrow to tweet it with the hashtag #kntgm if you want to follow along.

Everything here is wonderful, do something fabulous today. Thanks for reading.

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