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Last night we went to the special preview of trillian_stars new play, The Weir, a spooktacular ghost story set in an Irish pub. The set is a four-walled bar built onto the stage and the audience climbs up onto the stage, goes through the door of the pub, and takes a seat. The design is so clever and you feel like you're sitting in a bar listening to people tell stories.

alibaster, silveringridd, valya_dl, tigerinvaseline, the blogless though nonetheless awesome Holly Gaiman (@hollyherself) and I applauded the finale, then went to the fabulous sushi place Pod and met up with a gaggle of others. And had a lovely dinner.

One more of me and trill

Then fractured into various groups, some of us coming back to Casa Del Milla to watch the 1978 horror TV show pilot "World Beyond". Tomorrow was a lazy awakening with the house full of people, which makes it seem right and proper and loved and lived in. The cats alternate between the back porch, oogling the birds, and back inside to make sure all the people are still there, dishing out appropriate amounts of lurve.

It's really amazing and wonderful that people we've never met traveled so far to be here. The party itself starts at 3:30 -- trillian_stars' dress is amazing, a combination of efforts between freaking Mayfaire Moon and International Fetish Model Kiwi petitbout who have created something so stunning and unique. I'll post photos of it tomorrow, but I'm sure if you follow the twitter hash-tag #kntgm people will be posting photos of it from the event.

alibaster has an update here

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