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life on the road

Superfast Travel SciFi #whereiwrite Recap:

Deep Breath --

Left ccfinlay with some sadness and drove to Cincinnati where I met sleigh (all the sf authors are on lj), did some lovely photos there, and then off to Mike Resnick's. As anyone who reads Scifi knows, Mike's a powerhouse with a closet full of Hugos. He totally answered the door with the presence of Isaac Asimov, proved charming and delightful, we did some marvelous photos, he gave me an autographed book (one of the downsides of this job is that you return home with 30 more books than you left with (oh yes, my friends, I suffer too)), I drove down the forest strewn mile long driveway contemplating just how awesome things were, met up with Laura who can't remember if she's written 20 or 23 books and took one of the easiest portraits of my life which will look awesome when you see it.

The day done, I hied off to indigodye's house, where I was greeted like Conquring Gaul, we went to Kentucky and bought some Bourbon, came back and started listening to Andy Guthrie -- called trillian_stars to ask about her show opening tonight and that's about where we are right now. I was going to post something marvelous about Etsy, but there's so much text in front of this now, I'll leave it for it's own post tomorrow.

Be Splendid

At Sarah and Justin's. That's Plato the kitten. We have Edmun... on Twitpic

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