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the last wedding post (probably)

The Ohio trip is coming to a close. I have two, or possibly three more portraits today, then I'm back home to trillian_stars and Roswell (and Milla and Tatty and Safetypinn) - it feels like I've been gone ... forever ... so much has been packed in to this, so many people, so many experiences, so many things to bring home. I'm still torn about travel. I love to see other places, I love to meet people, but at the same time I really miss being home. I've no idea how Neil (and Amanda and all my other touring musician friends) can be away from home for months at a time. Everyone should have a sofa to call their own, something that welcomes them home.

In any event I'm going to save the awesome cool news for tomorrow so as not to dillute this.

I don't photograph weddings. Ever. Don't ask. Well, unless you're a famous novelist. Yesterday I broke down and photographed Cathrynne Valente's wedding. Wedding photography is a very particular thing which I don't think I'm very good at. (I always recommend Conrad Erb to people who ask, he's really good and loves what he's doing.)

Hopefully I rose to the occasion yesterday. Cat and Dimitri have been friends and inspirations and house guests for a long time and it was wonderful to see them come together in a really wonderful confluence.

Since I have No Idea how to photograph a wedding, I pretend everything's an album cover.

It wasn't just a wedding, but also a book release for her new novella Under in the Mere

I've packed up the car, am in a coffee shoppe having a muffin, there are some more adventures scheduled for today. I'm so grateful for them, and the ones leading up for it, and all the people I met and new friends. It really is a wonderful life. Go out and do something amazing today.

More good news tomorrow, which involves comic books.

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