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something something in a barbie world

1) If you're in the Philadelphia area, I'm going to see trillian_stars's play The Weir tomorrow, that's Friday. If you'd like to come along, order a ticket, it may sell out. It will be awesome fun. Ghosts and beer. Seriously. Play's at 8. If you want to meetup beforehand, drop a note in the comments.

2) You awesome people donated more than $300 to City Kitties in our names -- thank you so much. Every dollar goes right to saving kittehz.

3) Our good buddy Vitalij Kuprij just joined The Freaking Trans Freaking Siberian Freaking Orchestra. I wasn't sure if it was Top Secret still but he's up there on the web page now. I said I'd never go see a concert in a stadium again, but SWEET BARKING CHEESE this is like the heavy metal Cirque de Sole!! Two shows at the Wachovia Center in Philly. (Bets on whether or not yagathai has fainted yet?)

4) Via silveringridd: Live near Fullerton California? Check out lunarmoths' photography show Nov 13th. chadruin is showing there too. At least check out the photos on her lj.

5) Every year in some fit of mad glee Mattel makes a Barbie to celebrate my birthday. A few years ago I started picking them up There are a lot of them visible in my post to Saucy Dwellings back in March. I don't know why I do it. But this year, since I was in Ohio on Halloween, it somehow slipped my mind. Well, just today a package showed up in the mail, addressed to trillian_stars "Oh," I said jokingly, "it must be the present you ordered for me." With a wink and a smile she said "It must be, why don't you open it up?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2009 Kyle's Birthday Barbie!

How exciting.

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