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Got my essay for the Philcon program guide finished. How exciting. Got one photo for the Top Secret Elizabeth Bear collaboration done, also very exciting. trillian_stars' play got an excellent review in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning and to celebrate that and various other things, we're going to have a little "Come See The Weir and Then Party at Our Place Because It's Friday the 13th Watching Silent Horror Movies" shin dig this coming Friday. So if you're local and you didn't go to the Weir for the special preview night, get a ticket for Friday and celebrate the spooktacular with us.

I recommend you buy a ticket now because the shows have been selling out and worse than missing the show is sitting on the steps out in front of the theatre listening to the screams of everyone being butchered enjoying the play inside.

Leisurely breakfasts with Roswell are one of my favorite things, especially while we can enjoy the back porch still. Soon it'll be cold out and the fun will move to the breakfast room which is cosy and wonderful in entirely different ways.

hope your day is swell.

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