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So Amanda Palmer and her band the Nervous Cabaret were here for the past couple of days (as you probably know). I met Amanda years back when she was part of a band called the Dresden Dolls and it's been wonderful watching her career soar since those days and to be able to look back and see the real body of work we've created together. Which includes now an album I did the cover for (which you should buy) and a big book of photos that I didn't do all the photos for (though I do like to think that I did a nice amount of the best ones.) It's been a wonderful collaboration that's run nearly a decade now.

Those of you who were following along Twitter saw some of this while it was happening, but I think the maddening downside of Twitter (one of them, there are many) is it's very ADHD nature, you never really get the whole story, or necessarily even the most interesting bits and nothing more than a few hours old is worth reading and what you're reading is never more than a bit of the story.

It feels safe and warm back here on LJ where thoughts are (more or less) complete and tales wrought as long as they need to be.

We now have a tradition of running outside mere seconds before she goes on stage and doing a photo in minutes or less. I'm quite pleased with this one which features trillian_stars on the 36 inch Photek Softlighter II held overhead on a lovely super small Manfrotto light stand. The whole "walk outside" to "photo done" time on this was about 120 seconds, which included "how do we pose" and "what are we doing". It all worked so fast and so well.

Clickenzee for Wallpaper Sized Goodness!

After the show we signed Who Killed Amanda Palmer books for hours and hours (it probably seemed longer to the people standing in line) -- I signed no squids this time, but I signed someone's Wii controller (I wrote "this is Wiidiculous!" cause I'm clever like that). There were a couple cute moments, like when this guy came up to Amanda and said "I knitted you this doily" -- and it was. A doily. Then later two little girls wanted Amanda to sign their faces with a Sharpie. (She did.)

There seemed to be an endless parade of books and it was fun flipping through them and thinking back to when we were there, actually taking that photo, and all the little bits of things that were going on then. Ah! The world, it's wonderful.

Here's another one from earlier in the day right outside WXPN radio

We done good. Go see them on the rest of the tour and wave hello from me.

Okay, time to get cracking. The cats want food. Tonight's the first night of Philcon, I'm going to go and see Tom Freaking Purdom and Michael Swanwick before that, it'll be awesome, all laid out in a different direction. I hope your day is awesome too.

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