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scrunch got neutered

scrunch's feaver is down, so we could get his neutering taken care of. it had been in the back / middle of our minds for a few days when we got home and found he was bleeding on his face, just below the jaw. we called the vet. since he was really really freaked out by the cat carrier last time, the vet offered to come to our place and do it here. she arrived an hour or so later and we discovered that in that span of time, another cut had appeared on him, this time on his side. it was freakin like the exorcist. her diagnosis was that he's probably scratched himself and we shouldn't worry about it. I was thinking I'd be able to watch the whole thing and report on it, but in the end, i couldn't go through with it. The poor guy hated the needle, which was intramuscular. She poked him in the hip with it and he shot away, running into the livingroom with the needle still sticking out of his leg. Then the medication started to freak him out, and he was really scared, trying to get away while his legs were going out from under him. it was horrible to watch. That's when I had to go.

When I came back, it was over and he was recouperating.

I carried him around for about half an hour while he came out of the anestesia.

then it just got bad. As he started to wake up, all he wanted to do was get away from whatever it was that was making him feel weird -- he'd crawl, but in circles, obviously very excited, when he could raise himself up, he'd collapse back down to the ground, take two steps, fall over. I could pick him up and he'd be calm for a little while, but then he'd want to get away again and the falling over, staggering would start all over. This, see, this is why they don't let you watch. Later that evening he seemed fine. Christy and I slept down on the living room floor with him. The next morning he was his old friendly self. They say that in a couple of weeks he'll stop smelling like a tom cat and Mr. Hugs won't be so keen on fighting him anymore. Let's see what happens.

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