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before and after

I came across a photo of Roswell as a wee babe this morning. (That's the one on the left.)

You might ask ... "how did before turn into after?"

There was a lot of in between....

While she sits here on my leg a wobbly bowling ball, I find myself thinking back to one bleak evening three years ago in the emergency room of the vet hospital. A doctor said to me "There's a good chance this kitten won't live until tomorrow, the treatment's expensive, but if it were me, I'd try it."

And we did.

I'm left with the realization that sometimes the odds beat you out, and sometimes you win, but the more you try, the more you win. I'm sure Yogi Berra said it better somewhere, but it's true.

(p.s. thanks to everyone who said "hi" at Imogen Heap last night.)

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