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from the busy week files

I was going to post some Cool Photo Stuff, but my web host is down (which means you'll probably see lots of broken links in mah blog) -- and this gives me the opportunity to mention a Very Important Thing. Novelist jaylake has been battling cancer for a year or so now with very articulate, frank, and sometimes terrifying blog posts. I've admired his honesty and willingness to share what his fight has been like. Last week I got the solemn opportunity to photograph him upon his return home from lung surgery.

He's posted one of the photos here. It's a story of Determination and Will, put down by a gifted writer. Your lives wouldn't be made the worse by adding him to your friends page. It'll throw a measure of Resolute Determination in the Face of Great Odds in with the daily dose of complaints about jobs and dirty dishes so common on LJ. He's also @jaylake on Twitter. (I should also mention that you can buy his books on amazon.)

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