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I'm sitting here ostensibly working on a blog post about the last two weeks but not very well. Which means a fair amount of twiddling around LJ maxomai brings up Ouija boards, which reminds me ... We watched Paranormal Activity a couple weeks ago and I really liked it. Which got me thinking about ghosts and Conan Doyle and Spirit Photography and ectoplasm and Houdini and locked cabinets and all the sorts of things my mind will run to if given any room. This lead me to a rare book store where I got a copy of Patience Worth a book, dictated via Ouija board (or psychosis) to a man named Casper Yost (I wonder if he was friendly) and published in 1916. My copy is green and gold and beautiful and inscribed in the front "Property of the Bellingham Psychic Research Center" -- which is almost as cool as the book itself. It contains poetry, prose, and a play, works Mr. Yost assures us are the musings of the spirit of Patience Worth, delivered from Beyond The Grave like a telegram. Sadly though, Patience Worth is a terrible playwright and an even worse poet.

I climb a web to reach a star,
And stub my toe against a moonbeam

But that didn't stop it from becoming a runaway best seller. I imagine Casper sitting at his desk, perhaps a witchboard nearby for appearances sake, tapping his pencil on his forehead and jotting down the first thing that comes to mind.

But all that reminded me of this photo that Feisty Diva of Peacock Blue Designs and I did a few years ago. I'm quite fond of it. Were I to do it again, I'd do it in the dark and light it better and have the candles actually going. I didn't know so much about lighting back then. It's nice to see that I've come a distance, improved technically, and still retained a stylistic voice.

I think I'm going to make some bananna bread and not so much lament everything that I didn't get done today.

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