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1) Any models &/or MUA's in Philly tomorrow? I've a hankerin' to take a photo worthy of a Malice Mizer album cover. Drop me a line.

2) I've compiled all the Roswell/Cherie Priest stories together into a .pdf so y'all can read them without having to scroll around. They're quite wonderful.

Clickenzee to download the exciting .pdf compilation!

3) exciting things on the way. Bunny Named Swine is at the printers. I'll put orders up maybe on the 4th or so.

4) While everyone was out seeing Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, trillian_stars and I journeyed to an empty theatre to see Me and Orson Welles which was fantastic. Beautiful performances, heart wrenching story. Two thumbs up.

5) There's wonderful news in the "85mm 1.8 Giveaway" front. More on that in a week or so.

Rock on.

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