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Two Photo Workshops in San Diego

I'm doing two photography workshops this March -- these are geared towards jewelry makers but would work for anyone interested in photographing small things (coin/doll collectors, ebay resellers, miniature painters, whatnot). It's being held in San Diego California in a really swank studio and will also feature Kate Freaking Mckinnon world renown, globetrotting metalsmith, and author who, when not forging rings for the Nibelung, can probably be goaded into dishing out some advice and review of your work.

There are two separate sessions, a one day ($150) and a two day ($300). The two day will be featuring a whole day of photography with various setups -- we'll be photographing models with jewelry, doing some white seamless and some still-life setups. In both of them we'll be talking about macro photography, lenses and equipment. You should have a digital SLR for this, however, you can take the class with a point and shoot -- it's all about making what you have work for you.

(swell bracelet made for trillian_stars by fivecats)

click here to sign up for the two day workshop, March 20-21

or here for the one day workshop, March 19

If you're on the fence like "Heck, I live in Sacramento but I really want to be there," or "I have no equipment" drop a line and we'll see how we can make this happen. Also if you're in San Diego and wouldn't mind hosting someone from out-of-town let me know.

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