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in which things that are cool become even cooler

Years ago, I was just a goofy kid living in Wilmington Delaware, getting all of my music information from MTV which, at the time, told me the Van Halen and Skid Row were about as great as music got. Well, one day I ventured to South Street, way up in Philadelphia where things were crazy and weird and mystical. And while I was there, I met some people who said "Come with us to the Trocadaro, we're going to see this band called Tubalcain."

Well, you may imagine how my suburban mind was smashed to dust when I heard this song (links to a video). It was like nothing I'd ever imagined before and my whole world changed -- I realized there was music out there that MTV didn't know about. On top of that, I came home with an issue of Propaganda magazine with a big article on Sam Rosenthal's iconic band Black Tape for a Blue Girl (I think it was this issue.)

Well, Athan Maroulis from Tubalcain went on to even more glamour and success with Spahn Ranch and then somehow drifted into Black Tape for a Blue Girl who, this morning, drifted themselves into my house for a photo shoot.

Clickenzee for a wallpaper sized version

I shamelessly fanboi'd all over Athan who was gracious and signed all my Tubalcain and Spahn Ranch CD's. And then he spent an hour talking to trillian_stars about Victrolas and Frank Sinatra.

You may also note that my pal Nicki Jaine is in Black Tape. And those of you who have been reading for a while will remember that it was because I sent Nicki Jaine a fan letter years and years ago that I ended up working with Neil Gaiman.

What do I walk away with from all this? In retrospect I realize that it's nice to send people fan letters, and that every step you take should be motion towards -- it might not make sense now but people who are doing thing attract other people who are doing things. It's the gravity of art. Eventually your idols collect in your living room.

And this is why we started 2xcreative.

Do something awesome today.

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