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Hello folks,

I've heard back from LJ on several things that people have brought to my attention in the past few weeks:

1) The new "search" feature isn't exactly what I'd hoped and some people have written saying that they preferred the old one. The old one is still there -- under the text entry box are three options: "advanced", "search by interest", and "find your friends" -- "search by interest" is the old LJ search feature that will let you find people and groups that have listed a word or phrase as an "interest" in their profile. LJ's now looking into a way of making this clearer in the page layout since lots of people (including me) couldn't figure it out.

2) The new "search" feature doesn't seem to be working properly. As a test, searching for the word "roswell" by author "kylecassidy" in journal "kylecassidy" gets no results when it should get hundreds. LJ is meeting with the creators of the search technology this week and I hope to hear back shortly thereafter. If you have any comments about the search feature -- what you'd like it to do or not to do, please follow up in the comments here.

3) The new statistics feature ( seems to be under reporting visits. As an example, LJ stats reported 24 page views to my journal on December 10th, 2009, a day that 83 comments were posted. Something's kerfuffled, they're looking into it.

4) Currently when you track a post you get notifications whenever something is posted there (which is as it should be) but the accompanying text doesn't remind you why you're getting the post. LJ's looking into adding some verbiage along the lines of "you'd asked to be notified when there was activity on this post" ... etc.

5) Inre "Best Buy" ads -- the back-end for rolling out those ads has been replaced as of 2010/01/17. This is supposed to fix the problem with netbooks and other computers with screen resolution too low for the "close window" check box to appear. In addition it is supposed to limit the number of times a user sees this ad to once per day. (It was supposed to be that way before, hopefully this fixes the problem.)

I have a meeting scheduled on Wednesday w/ LJ and should know more then. When that's over I'll post a more comprehensive update about the status of my initial goals. If you have questions or comments or something you'd like brought up at the meeting let me know.

You can help spread the word by linking to or re-posting this in your journal. (Please don't post it to any communities without the express permission of the community moderators.) Have an excellent day.


Your LJ Advisory Board User Rep,

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