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Since we live in the future, we'll meet you on the moon.

So this afternoon trillian_stars and I were cooking and twittering about it (don't worry if you missed it -- I, like everybody else, rarely say anything important on twitter) and someone said "I wish we could be there with you for lunch" and it got me thinking ... we have all this technology -- why not have a virtual party?

So, I'm going to suggest that silveringrid host the first one in Chicago and invite singer/songwriter Molly Robinson and One Sock Short and whomever else lives out there and Trillian and I can web-cam in and we'll hang out and it'll be just like that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey and maybe we'll all cook at the same time or -- who knows. But I bet it would be fun.

Anybody in Chicago down for that?

In other news, the slide-show & signing went awesome. It was very well attended, books sold out instantly, and they said more people came to the after-party than ever before. We caroused well into the night, I ate a veggie burger and some garlic mashed potatoes. I'd like to thank Oz Fontecchi and Philly Fantastic for inviting me and hosting an awesome event. Photos from the after party

Colin Vozeh from available dark took most of the photos here -- at least all the ones I'm in.

I'm not sure if anybody got photos of the talk, if so, post 'em.

Must go, I think Roswell's expecting an email.

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