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“The pen is the tongue of the mind.” Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

So trillian_stars and I went out to the Philadelphia Pen show yesterday.

Because, you know, just looking at us, you can tell that we don't have enough pens:

Trillian bought a Victorian dip pen / mechanical pencil made around 1880 -- it is a thing of beauty.

(this is, by the way, exactly the type of photography we'll be doing at the Kyle Cassidy / Kate McKinnon jewelry photography workshop in San Diego in March -- you can still sign up.)

A choice of two levers will let you either slide out a pen nib, or a .2mm mechanical pencil:

It also has a red "jewel" in the top, (if you look straight down into it, there's a hidden black star in there).

It's such a thing of beauty. I feel that words can be so beautiful and so important, that it just seems to make so much sense to romance their creation.

I didn't buy a pen because I bought pretty much the coolest pen on Earth last year but I did pick up, for $5, this unusual but excellent device -- it's a button that clips to your lapel and in it is a length of chain on a spring, you attach the top of it to a ring-top pen (or pencil) so that nobody can abscond with your writing implement -- in those days (and for many years afterwards) writing instruments were relatively expensive and personal items -- you picked one that fit your personality. There are lots of desk sets from the 40's that include a pen and a desk-top holder -- while you were at work, your pen sat in the holder (very much like a dip-pen might) and you'd pull it out to sign documents or whatnot, and when you left, you took it from the holder, screwed the cap on, and put it in your pocket. It went everywhere with you. I think that's pretty cool. So anyway, this button is to keep your pen (or pencil) from walking away.

trillian_stars busted out the ink and started her evening correspondence.

As usual, Roswell assisted.

Sorry for all the pix & the lack of a cut, if it's hurting, i'll put one in, but I made the photos all pretty small (kilobyte wise).

thinking of you zoe

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