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it's a snowpocalypse!

What to do when the blizzard hits? Well, of course you call your friends the Blaxelrods and say "Hey, do you have any costumes that, you know, would be appropriate for a blizzard?" and, because they're the Blaxelrods, say, "Why of course, we've just completed a Lovecraft Arctic Explorer costume, it's right here in our closet." And you say "Excellent, let's meet up in the snow and do some photos. And then y'all can come over and we'll watch movies about snow, like 30 Days of Night and The Thing and eat popcorn."

And in the meantime, here's trillian_stars' costume for the upcoming production of Sarte's No Exit (she's playing Estelle -- there's more about it in Trill's LJ and we'll announce it properly later) which she just brought home last night. It was custom made by Curio Theatre's main designer, Karen Heenan.

I asked, Trill says we can't take it out in the snow.

There will probably be an unusual number of posts from us today. Because, you know, a snowpocalypse is blogworthy.

p.s. favorite horror/scifi movies about snow????

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