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Okay, back to the pretty pixtures

This Saturday we got to meet singer/songwriter Amy D'Antonio who's on a career path which has sent her from a somewhat earthy girl-with-a-piano to doing club/electronica and we wanted to do a series that showed that arc. Laurie Baldwin did the styling and the last minute fascinator came from Boring Sidney.

Clickenzee to Embiggen

Clickenzee to Embiggen

I'm going to post a before/after with some notes on the making of the second image on photographers later today if you're interested in how it came about.

In other news trillian_stars play, No Exit has sold out every night but one (last Thursday I think). Last week they did some emergency surgery to the theatre to fit more chairs in, but people are still getting turned away at the door. There are still at least three performances left you can try and buy tickets here. They may add an emergency matinee on Saturday. We'll probably have a closing night party. If you're going to come out/up/down/over for it, let us know and we'll try and hook up with you.

The next play is ... well, I'll keep that quiet for the moment, but it's good.

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