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Some Stuff

1) Voting ends tomorrow for the Hugos ... Are you eligible to vote for the Hugo Awards? If you attended Anticipation in Canada or are attending Aussiecon in, (well, you know) you're eligible to vote.

The only thing I'd like to plug is Tom Purdom's Controlled Experiment for best Novelette. It was in the June 2009 issue of Asimov's and is one of the most believable hard SF stories I've ever read. Nancy Kress called it "dead-accurate on the psychology of bright young men with too much tech on their hands and not enough social conscience." which I think is an accurate assessment. It builds well on the writing he started with 1972's Barons of Behavior where politics are heavily influenced by social scientists who understand, via surveys and computer modeling, just how to get a rise out of people.

If you've already voted, you can amend your ballot. ( Cat Valente's eligible for the Palimpsest too. Just Sayin.)

Click here to go to the Aussiecon online voting area if you've lost the pin they sent you, you can retrieve it via email.

2) I haven't been plugging trillian_stars' play, No Exit because it's been sold out far in advance each night, and I figured "what's the point in telling people about some fruit they can't eat", but they've added a matinee this Saturday which still has seats. you can go here to order tickets on line.

3) I have a new favorite song (at least until Molly Robison's new epic comes out today) it's called "For Those Who Fell In Love With The Sea" by a band sadly called "Rome"* -- I found it on the Projekt sampler that arrived in the mail last week. It's sort of like you took Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, David Bowie and put them into a studio with Dead Can Dance and made them watch No Exit. Here it is on Youtube. I got the album from iTunes for $9.99.

Here's Omar from 2007.

Clickenzee to Embiggen

*Never name your band after something people already know -- when they're googling "Rome" trying to find out when you're on tour, all they're going to find are tours of Rome. Name your band "Tribanding Eggshaver"

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