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Goodnight Vienna

You all like ghost stories, don't you?

A few months ago I stumbled across this weird, crazy, fascinating book called Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery by a guy named Casper Yost, published in 1919. The story is that while fooling around with an Ouija board this woman named Pearl Curran, contacted a dead woman from England who called herself Patience Worth and over a period of a dozen years or so, Curran produced hundreds of poems, a play, and a novel dictactated to her by this ... ghost. And the world went nuts over this, Curran was famous, everybody was reading these poems and now, the whole thing's just sort of evaporated -- in fact the whole spiritualist movement of the late 1800's and early 1900's has just been swept under the rug of history.

So last week when the wonderfully talented singer/songwriter Molly Robison was looking for something to write a song about, I suggested this odd story. Anyway, Molly wrote a song, it's weird and beautiful and crazy and wonderful, and possibly unfinished. I link here to her youtube post of it & encourage you to watch it and send her your thoughts & praise. (Doesn't she look heroic in this freeze-frame?)

And other Excellent News is that Roswell and I have been working on Cooking With Roswell and we should have a test recipe to post Very Soon!

Here she is from the Day the Laundry Stood Still

(Would it be better if it said "Goodnight Vienna"?)

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