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So Saturday was International Shoot a Roll of Film Day. I shot a roll with my HASSELblad in the driving rain and a roll with my Leica M6. The 120 I need to mail out to get processed, so who knows when you'll see it, but the 35mm I shot was Ilford XP2 which is developed in color chemistry so I was able to drop it off at the 1 hour lab where they developed and scanned it, all covered in dust.

I give you two. Leica M6 and 50mm 1.8 wide open at 1/250 second. This is trillian_stars wearing a dress of her grandmothers from sometime in the 1930's. If you have questions about the dress, I'm sure she's happy to answer them.

Clickenzee to Embiggen

I had fun shooting film, but I know why I don't do it anymore.

And in other news, I'm not entirely sure, but I may have a bunch of photos hanging tonight at the Gold Standard on 48th and Baltimore Avenue at an opening from 5-7 -- the important thing is that there's free wine and cheese whether or not my photos are on the wall.

If you haven't Watched Molly's song about ghosts, you should do that.

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