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Your rock's like mush, this rock's like steel!

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Five days in California. I saw the San Andreas fault from the air, I met a flight attendant who'd been hijacked to Cuba in 1972, I toured a bomb shelter, saw the Moon pass the Seven Sisters, and I was surrounded by people who make things -- which is like air and water and music and life.

Sweet Barking Cheese -- photo workshops went awesome, much fabulousness happened, many awesome photos were taken--there will be a post with some of them soonish. I didn't actually take a lot of photos during the class, but I took a few good ones, around it -- although I was ostensibly on call from 9-8 or thereabouts some verifiable off-hours wonderfulness happened, like this photo of author & bead-weaver Marcia DeCoster & her husband Mark who let us crash at their house. The second I walked in the door I knew I wanted to take this photo and it came out pretty much exactly the way I'd hoped. (This is where I get 21 emails that start out "Wait? You know Marcia DeCoster?? I thought you only like, you know, knew heavy metal drummers.") I can say, in advance, that she's awesome. And, Holy Hand Grenades so is Kate Freaking McKinnon!! -- we have met. The universe did not implode. There were, though, fire and hammers -- I kid you not.

I feel like I've been gone a month. (I still haven't sent out the fountain pens or the Peter Straub novel, but it's all in the works when the Intern Monkey gets back from spring break.) But there will be Very Soon an update about:

a) the awesomeness that took place while I was gone
b) trillian_stars' new play (which is OMG! WTF! GAK! GAK!)
c) LiveJournal stuff -- some things now WORK that didn't work before, some weirdness took place.
d) New Molly Robison song -- it's out there somewhere.
e) Did I mention the Regen Magazine review of the new Ego Likeness album? It fails to mention the AWESOME COVER ART but you can at least see it there.

In the meantime, be awesome.

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