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You wanna be startin' something

In which there are results!

You may remember that in August I made a blog post saying that I had an extra 85mm f 1.8 Nikon lens that I wanted to give away- it's one of those lenses you replace with the AF version and can't sell the old one for enough to justify selling it because, HEY, it's still a really nice lens but there's no way you're ever going to use it again. It crossed my mind that I ought to give it away to someone who would use it.... Which is how I met Javier Odriozola whose proposed project was to "drive around Uruguay and photograph the small villages" - which is about as awesome an idea for a project as I could imagine, so I shipped him the lens. And Javier drove through Uruguay photographing the small villages and he's got back and put together a collection of his photos which you can browse here

And Javier's had an adventure, I feel like I helped the world wake up a tiny bit better than she went to bed, and we all have photos to look at that didn't exist before... It is, as they say a "win win".

Javier's book, photographed with Roswell to enhance value

I'm really proud and happy.

Do something nice today, be splendid.

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