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TOP SECRET No Longer!!

Two words: Steampunk Shakespeare

trillian_stars is playing Olivia in Curio Theatre's upcoming steampunk themed production of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. There is so much awesome about this it's been difficult keeping my mouth shut as it's come closer to happening. The play opens April 23 and runs until May 15th.

Costumes sets and props are being designed by a real superteam which includes Kambriel, Donna Ricci, Feisty Diva, Jared Axelrod, Jaborwhalky and others.

Because it's a popular play to begin with, I'm expecting that every performance will likely sell out. Their last run (of No Exit) sold out on all but two nights. You can buy tickets now..


You can see more photos here please feel free to repost, retweet, reblog and pass these photos around. This is going to be such a wonderful production I want it to be seen by everybody who should see it.

You can also follow the production along on Curio Theater's Blog and see about new costumes as they come in, the rehearsal process, set building, etc. It's going to be a really stupendous production.

Check out the pix, pass them around! Come to the play! Why, this is very midsummer madness!

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