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Bring me the headpiece to the staff of Ra Ra Ra!

trillian_stars and the rest of the actors are in heavy rehersals for the Twelfth Night. I don't see much of her but I'm proud and happy that the reason is she's working hard to do something wonderful.

Yesterday a package arrived from Feisty Diva at peacock blue designs containing Trills custom headpiece for the play. It is a splendid thing made of gears and jewels. The apparatus takes considerable time to get her in and out of and the business of navigating her and it through the labrynth of tunnels and ladders back stage is a multi person operation.

I went to part of yesterday's rehersal and sat and watched while the tec crew made minute aadjustments to lighting and sound. The actors were something like bags of flour, standing in one spot for long periods of time while small things happened, then moving slowly through some blocking while more cues were set. It's the most complicated show I've seen produced. It's going to be marvelous.

I'd say more, but I'm typing this on my phone as an excerxise in masochism and I think I've discovered my limit.

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