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The Thirteenth Night

Curio Theater's steampunk-themed production of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night opened last night to a sold out house. Seeing it all come together and finally available to show people was a joy I can't really describe. The wonderful costumes & sets & acting all came together. The audience leapt to their feet at the close, with applause and ululation. In this sort of post-game ebullition of frenetic joy a mob actors and crew spilled giddy into the street and over to the Gold Standard for the cast party which was the sort of celebration I imagine sports-people have when their team wins The Big Game. I was called away early in the festivities though as ceciskittle and I were off to Virginia for a the two day photo workshop, which is right now going very well.

I'm dreadfully tired but so well treated and proud of the students who have come up with wonderful ideas for their photo projects and have been cranking out beautiful images. It's been a marvelous day. I feel like my life is going a hundred miles an hour, even in the slow parts. Things that seemed like they happened forever ago were just days or weeks ago -- the Ego Likeness album cover, the Ted Leo & the Pharmacists photo shoot, the ginormous California extravaganza, the whole No Exit production ... we've been packing a lot of life into a little time.

I remember being eleven and spending a summer sitting in a tree reading The Lord of the Rings. Part of me kind of wishes that I could do that again, with lazy, empty days rolling out before me like so many donuts spilled from a truck, but the bigger bit of me looks back at all the things I've done over the past few years and I have a hard time finding one that I'd be willing to trade for quiet months. I wish I could have spent the whole night at the cast party, celebrating and reveling, but I'm so very glad to be here in Virginia hearing the eager ideas of people who are about to gush out into the world engineering great masterpieces on their own and leaving behind a wake of beautiful things which they made, rather than found.

If I owe you and email about something, don't hesitate to drop me a reminder--I'm not ignoring you, but you may have been misplaced. I do regret it.

more later.

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