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Curio's production of Twelfth Night runs three more weeks but so many people who want to see it simply won't be able to because of scheduling and distance so we've made up a 16 page souvenir program guide of photos taken by yours truly. It's freaking awesome if I do say so myself. It includes images of the costumes made by Mayfaire Moon, Feisty Diva, Donna Ricci, Jared Axelrod and others. Simply possessing it will add a +4 to your steampunk street cred, and your friends will find you smarter and more attractive.

You can buy one on line through Curio's ticket office, or get one at the door. You know it'll look awesome on your coffin table.

You can see other photos of the show here

Twelfth Night program guide $12 from Curio including shipping.
Clickenzee and select the "BUY TICKETS" button to order

go be awesome!

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