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Breakfast with Roswell

Roswell and I made a breakfast burrito for trillian_stars

as usual, Roswell stood guard while she ate it.

She's been very talkative lately, Roswell, not Trilllian, making these almost voice-like sounds, like she's speaking a language, it's kind of a cross between a pigeon and a baby. Right now she's downstairs carrying on half of a conversation with someone. Probably talking about the burrito.

I'm photographing more dancers performing amazing feats (with their feets) this sunday -- which also reminds me if you're a model(ish) in the West Philadelphia area and have some free time this weekend, drop me a line. One of my friends is a makeup artist looking to expand her portfolio and I've a hankerin' to take a photo that looks like a Malice Mizer album cover.

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