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So far everything's been wonderful. The Fair is lovely, my first photo workshop was packed, we did lots of portraits & hooked photographers up with models to find backgrounds & make photos. Wandered around the hotel, which is packed with vendors and people sporting outrageously awesome costumes. And just as you think things are winding down, someone in the courtyard starts blowing huge balls of fire.

Spent last night hanging out with Sam Rosenthal from Black Tape for a Blue Girl & Holly & M@ from HUMANWINE and catching up which was wonderful. Finally got to sleep around 3 and slept like a rock. Right now I'm really in the mood for a breakfast burrito. Will let you know how that goes.

Today's Brian Viglione's birthday party, then I'm racing back to catch the closing of Twelfth Night and back here tomorrow for trillian_stars appearance in the fashion show, which we need to be here at 10 to get her into her outfit for, then I have another photo workshop from 2-3, and there's an "excerpts from the 12th Night" performance by Curio on the main stage, then we're going home and I'm going to sleep.

If you're on Twitter, I'm updating from time to time @kylecassidy and also you might want to search for @steamworldsfair or #spwf if you're here and trying to figure out what's happening, or if you're not and wish you were.

I do wish you were here. But wherever you are, do something wonderful.

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