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Steampunk Worlds Fair

So we're back from the Steampunk Worlds Fair. It was a remarkable and wonderful weekend. It was wonderful to meet so many of you there: thanks for coming up and saying "hi", I really do appreciate it. I seriously hope that I never get so jaded and foul tempered that someone stopping me to say "I love your work" is met with anything other than humble gratitude. It means the world to me to hear that, & I thank you from the bottom of my tin heart -- you seriously make me feel loved & appreciated.

Both of my workshops were packed, though there's a funny story behind that. Maybe I'll write up a travel diary....

So much happened, from the Fashion Show which featured trillian_stars to the aforementioned photography workshops, to Brian Viglione's birthday party, to hanging out with Sam Rosenthal ... Super congratulations to Jeff March & Whisper for making this happen. An event they thought was going to pull maybe 500 people if they were lucky sold out two hotels and had, I'm told, two thousand people wandering the vendor halls on Saturday. That's pretty amazing for the middle of nowhere New Jersey.

This is John, the Steam-Boba-Fette. There's a bullet hole in his helmet, and if you look closely, you can see gears behind it. How awesome. He was one of the costuming highlights of the weekend.

I have to seriously clean the house, but have a look at some photos from Sunday. More to follow. trillian_stars has some things to say in her LJ as well.

Feel free to repost any of these. Linking back to teh blog is nice. & if you recognize anyone in them, tag away. Many thanks.

Steampunk Worlds Fair Flickr Set

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