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I assume you all know about this (but maybe you don't) -- a couple of years ago when Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman and I were all working together on Who Killed Amanda Palmer I got to thinking "why should we have all the fun" and created this group called 2xcreative where people can meet people and work together on creative projects. It's run now by niamh_sage. You can post there about your ideas or you can participate in the monthly "flash" projects, where you're paired with a random person on friday and your project needs to be done by Monday. This is for people who are worried they don't have time to commit to a longer project.

Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago I did a flash pairup with DJ Rift and our thingie got finished and I posted about it here. 2xcreative is a fun place. If you're looking for something awesome to do, that's not a bad place to look.

Fun stuff in the works. Stay tuned.

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