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Rockstars and iPhone gagets.

We had some guests at the Rock Star Hotel this weekend, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys played Philadelphia and spent the night here. If you like Tom Waits but think he'd be better off if he had more jugglers and acrobats, The Army of Broken Toys is for you. They also can sound a bit like Marilyn Manson, I think.

Each band that stays here has a different -- I hate to say vibe -- but maybe character things that make them unique and wonderful. The day after the Broken Toys left, we were finding notes and artwork all about the house that they'd left for us -- including this drawing with a wonderful letter on the back:

There were little zines and CD's.... It was wonderful having them. Some of them are on LJ.

Check out their video for Sacrilege

In other News, I love my iPhone but the pathetic battery life is a terrible problem. Those of you who have iPhones know what it's like to travel with the charger in your pocket, leaping for joy when you find an outlet in an airport or in someone's kitchen "Mind if I charge this for a few minutes?" is the iPhone users mantra. Ever since i got the phone I wondered why they didn't just make it bigger with a useable battery life. Especially if you have mobileme installed, which requires "push" (meaning that it's constantly checking for email & notifications) I've discovered two solutions to this.

First, a battery case made by "unu" -- I got mine on ebay for $50. It's a hard shell case with a slightly-grippy rubber exterior. It contains a larger batter AND a "flash"(light). The flash is a tiny light that you can use to find your keys or take a photo in the dark. Something who's time had come and possibly worth it for that alone. With it, my battery life has been extended from ~9-12 hours to ~36 of normal usage. It's biggest down side is that it doesn't recharge with the iPhone cable, but rather with a USB micro-b, which means you need to buy another charger end for your iGo charger.

The second is a battery pack from Tekkeon. Those of you who are photographers are carrying around a few sets of AA batteries for your flashes in your camera bag. I was looking for a AA battery holder on line when I found this little gem. Not only does it hold your AA's, but will recharge them from a USB mini (third charger end for your iGo) and ... here's the real wonderful thing, you can also charge usb devices FROM the battery pack. This means you can plug your iPhone into it (using the iPhone's own cable) and recharge away. It was about $19.


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