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Some photos from Dorians Parlor last weekend.

clickenzee to embiggen

I haven't mentioned this, but our friend Jared Axelrod sold a book to Tor, it comes out next year and it quite steampunk, which is appropriate as he is the very definition of steampunk.

In the year buildup to it's publication, Jared is doing a series of podcasts that tell an entire backstory, trillian_stars was in episode three, in fact, she was episode three. You should check them out and learn more about Jared's graphic novel, it's all at Fables of the Flying City.

It's about a flying city, how can you not like it?

Thanks for all the wonderful responses to yesterday's post, and all the reposts. it got me thinking. How about we have portfolio day here on July 1? I'll make a post, and everybody follow it up by posting a link to their 12 best photos? That'll give everyone time to get their flickr page together.

In other news, I have an iPhonetography workshop scheduled July 10-11th in Los Angeles -- right now we're still short about five people that we need to make it happen. I realize it's pretty specific but I can guarantee that you'll blow your friends away with your iPhone images when you get home. Drop me a line if you're interested in participating. It's $99 for two days.

In other-other news, I have a general photography workshop coming up in Chicago July 31 - August 1. There are still a couple of slots open, but that one's going to fill up no problem and will likely end up with a waiting list, let me know if you're interested in that one too. We'll be working on lights, portraits, and getting your camera off of manual.

In other-other-other news, I'm liking the new LJ repost feature. It seemed to work very well yesterday.

That's it. Be fabulous today.

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