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Sxip Shirey is OFF THE RAILS

If you've seen this time around, you've seen the zany stage show of Sxip Shirey -- an incredibly talented musician who plays bells, bowls, plastic tubes -- everything is an instrument to him. He also has amazing hair. His hair, in fact, is on twitter (@sxipshireyshair), acting independently and often plotting against Sxip it seems.... I've been wanting to work with him for three years now. We did such awesome stuff.

He's really funny too. During the last Evelyn Evelyn song he's supposed to walk out with a drum and play something and while Sxip and I were standing in the dressing room he picks up a pork chop and says "you know, instead of walking out with the drum, i'm just going to walk out with this pork chop and start eating it."

And he did. Everyone was baffled into uproarious laughter. Jason and Amanda in particular. So, check Sxip out. He's fabulous.

Viva la Revolution!

One more photo here.

Check him out with his magic harmonica and beatbox Adam Matta! From there you can begin a youtube odyssey that will take you long into the night.

More emwowbenating photos from the EE show coming up.
Be awesome my friends.


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