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The Magic of Small Places

In 2007 The Dresden Dolls were playing at the TLA in Philadelphia and I went down to see them. I wanted to take the opportunity to snap a couple of photos, and we'd always worked something in in the past but on this particular night they were both sick as dogs. We finally decided that I'd set up some lights by the stage door and we'd do something real quick right before they went on. I set up some lights and as they were being announced, Amanda realized that some of the audience could see the spot I'd set up the lights, so I grabbed everything and we ran out into the alley where the bands load in, I took two photos, she kicked one of the lights over, it was raining, she ran in, the show went on and the photo was actually pretty darned awesome.

That started a tradition that when they were in town, I'd do a portrait session in less than sixty seconds. It's been a fun challenge -- a really fun challenge actually, always trying to top the one before -- and it's now a game we play.

Here's this weekends 60 second portrait in the alley behind the TLA with Evelyn Evelyn and Sxip as the evil manager lights by trillian_stars and wad-o-bills
courtesy of Adam.

Clickenzee to Embiggen to Wallpaper Size!

Here are the others:

With the Dresden Dolls, December 28, 2007

With the Danger Ensemble, November 28, 2008

With the Nervous cafe, November 18, 2009

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