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Casting Call for Two Children Plus Weird Things Happening

Two things -- One, I'm looking for two children for a relatively elaborate photo we're doing at the end of the month. Boy & Girl 7-10 it's not Alice in Wonderland, but that's a good vision to keep in your head. Alice & her slightly older brother. If you know one or both of these kids, drop me an email.

Two, Really Weird Thing happened last night.

Trillian and I stayed up till midnight watching LOST which is finally starting to get strange, we went to bed & locked the bedroom door (as is our habit.) The cats couldn't be coaxed into the room because, you know, it's hot and miserable in the rest of the house and they wanted to lay around like tortured artists.

I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Got up, checked my email, posted an old photo of Roswell to Twitter, finally went back to bed around 5:30 and had a series of really fast & strange dreams, I'd wake up after each one and immediately fall back to sleep and instantly back into a dream. I don't remember any of them, but I know they were at least semi lucid. I finally woke up around 7:30 in the morning and got out of bed and there, on the night stand, next to the lamp was a dead bird.

"Trillian," I said, "there's a dead bird here."

She sat up and looked over on the night stand; at the time I wasn't really sure that I wasn't still asleep. The look on her face confirmed that I wasn't hallucinating. It looked like someone had carefully laid it there, centered on a lace doily. I picked it up -- it was dead, but still warm. We checked the windows, they were closed and so were the doors. I looked out into the hallway & all the cats were passed out on the carpet looking like unfortunate throw rugs.

About four months ago we had a bird come down the chimney -- it drove Roswell insane. She could hear it flitting around in there and finally it shot out and flew through the house like a freaked out tennis ball, frantically banging into things. I opened a window and it shot out. The only thing I can figure is another one got in the house through the chimney flew frantically around the house without us noticing made its way upstairs into our bedroom and ... stayed there quietly (sitting on a bust of Pallas?) until seven in the morning and then dropped dead of unknown causes without making a sound.

It seems like a stretch, but short of Voodoo priests or reverse-bird-burglars, it's the only thing I can think of. I wrapped the bird up and took it outside but at the last minute brought it back in and took a photo, just in case I wake up tomorrow and can't remember if it actually happened or not.

It did. There's a dead bird on my coffee table.

If you have any theories about this locked door mystery, I'd love to hear them.

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