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4g iPhonetography (at last)

My iPhone 4g showed up last week after a long trip from China via Alaska (I was following along on the FedEx website). I'd been trying to find out about the camera but couldn't find a substantive review of it, there were lots of photos OF it and lots of people repeating Apple boilerplate that it was "five megapixels" (which is sort of like saying a car is red when someone asks you how fast it is) but it didn't seem like anybody had tried it out.

I did two tests this weekend, the first with April Mayi (I posted a couple of those to facebook) in which I had some trouble getting the camera to focus and as much trouble with hot spots & lighting, and then again the next day with Daphne & Heartless revival during which I was able to get a better grasp on the light that it wanted.

Putting this together this afternoon made me realize that it would be a Good Idea to sponsor an artist this summer, more on that later. And more on the Great Photo Closet Junk Clearing Out Giveaway, sometime this weekend probably.

In the meantime, iPhonetography!

Clickenzee for 5 mb of iPhonetastic awesome .pdf

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