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bees and dreams and macro lenses.

Just as a general rule, I don't care how awesome your work is, if I click on your webpage and it starts auto-playing music, I can't hit "close" fast enough. It's sort of like starting your standup routine with an ethnic joke.

In other news -- this is an ex-bumblebee who expired in the flower garden after performing the noble duties assigned to her. She may now become the best known of all her kind who make the flowers bloom in my yard. 100mm f2.8 macro with the 24 inch Easybox softbox trillian_stars just gave me for Thursday.

I had a weird dream last night that I was in a really posh hotel room having a conversation with NPR's Stephen Beard, my friend Darenzia (this link is assuredly NSFW) and the Saint Paulie Girl. Please feel free to write a script for that one. (The conversation in my dream was rather dull actually.)

Be awesome today, wonderful things are afoot.

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