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Free Photography Shiznit!

but stay tuned, it's a deep closet, I'm sure I'll be doing this again.

Okay, I'm cleaning out the photo closet. Intern Monkey Llinds (aka lindsocerous has a box-o-junk, I mean USEFUL THINGS photo related and we're giving them away. I don't reember exactly what's in there except

There's an otterbox case for an iPhone 3gs

There's a monolight studio strobe (really)

There's a Minolta 16mm spy camera PLUS a cartridge AND a roll of 16mm movie film *

There's some 35mm film

There's an Archos 505 video player / portable electronic portfolio that I currently can't find the USB cable for.

There's a wireless flash trigger that I sort of broke trying to put an additional antenna on it, you can fix it pretty easily (I think you just need to remove my antenna, or you could fix it) **

To get this stuff all you need to do is post in the comments about some cool creative project you want to do or why you feel inspired about photography, how you will be awesome today or something about bigfoot. If you want something specific you should add "ooh! ooh! I want the [insert thingie]". If there are lots more comments than junk awesome stuff, some people who don't get stuff will get an awesome 4x6 print of something. Contest ends when Intern Monkey Llinds gets tired of addressing envelopes.

Intern Monkey Llinds decides who gets what so it's probably best to butter her up (or at least friend her on LJ). She's leaving on Friday so this stuff is going in the mail like ... FAST.

* To get the Minolta spy camera you MUST be able to develop your own film & comfortable with loading it -- this is not a task for the faint hearted, but it's the coolest film camera you're likely to own.

** To get the wireless trigger you need to say that you're able & willing to fix it.

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