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Two chances to see me!

Hey folks -- two cool workshops coming up -- first, Glendale CA, right north of LA I'm doing an iPhonetography workshop on Saturday September 11th. It's an all day event. It's $99 -- drop me an email if you're interested. We're also looking for two models who want to get their photos taken all day long. Drop me a line if that's you. And in case you missed it, here's a travel diary shot entirely with an iPhone 3gs. (We will of course accommodate your sidekick or Android camera phone as well - it's not an iPhone only event.)

SECONDLY, there's a four day odyssey in the desert, november 4-7 in conjunction with Kate Freaking McKinnon (if you don't know her name, you must not be a jewelry maker) details about that one can be found here as I understand it that one only has one seat left in it, it's geared towards jewelry makers and macro photography -- it'll involve making your own jewelry (and Kate is a metalsmith so you'll be forging things in fire like freaking Sauron with hammers and tongs and the souls of elves* and then doing awesome macro photography of the things you've created.

Since it's nearly completely sold out though, kambriel and I got a clever idea that we could do two desert photography workshops that would involve models and fashion and cactus and getting up before the sun. This would be November 4th and 5th and might be the perfect thing to occupy your spouse if you'll be making jewelry those two days. So let me know if you'd like to come out to Tuscon and photograph clothes and cacti (or if you just want to do landscapes). This is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Here are 19 megabytes of reason (in .pdf format) of why you should come to the desert with us for the day.

So, Los Angeles or Tuscon, come hang out. If you're like "omg! i so want to like I'm dying, but the money!" -- drop me a line anyway, we'll figure something out. Your whole world's going to be different after this.

Hope to see you at one or the other, or both!

*you must bring your own elf souls

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