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LOST (and found)

So, trillian_stars and I spent a good deal of the summer avoiding the heat by sitting on the sofa watching LOST and yesterday we had a five episode marathon which culminated in THE FINAL EPISODE.

All in all, I wasn't displeased with the final episode--I find that I want things to end happily and Yay, we all get to be together happily ever after! seems happy, even if nonsensical. I'd love to see a spinoff of Hurley & Ben Linus' 2,000 years of guarding the island -- I'm sure he made a much more interesting and compassionate Jacob.

I was glad to see in the special features that they answered one of my big, nagging, questions which was "where did that palette of Dharma Project food come from that parachuted down onto the island years after everybody in the Dharma Project had been killed? Though I was a bit sad to learn that at the time a lot of that weird stuff happened, the writers had no idea what it was either -- I'd like for my mysterious shows to have clues that make it solvable, not clues that lead nowhere because the writers have no idea what they mean either. Though it does make plot holes easier to explain: "Well, there's one they just never managed to get back to."

I was really impressed with Ben Linus as a new archetype of villan for a new generation -- that might be the show's enduring success, no longer do we have Darth Vader who wears black and is pure evil, we have this guy with nothing special about him who may be pure evil and may not and, like Max Von Snydow warns "will mix lies with the truth". Clever people. Though I'll scratch my head all day wondering why in heaven Sayid gets stuck with that brainless twit Shannon instead of the far more substantial Nadya.....

& seriously, was it only obvious to me that Kate belongs with Sawyer?

Can it really true that I saved 30 hours of my life over 120 episodes by not watching the commercials? I feel less brainwashed already.

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