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Trillian's New Play

The war is over, but the story lives on....

I'm very happy to announce that trillian_stars will be starring in Curio Theatre's production of Homer's The Iliad, a sort of backwards followup to the 2008 production of The Odyssey which she also starred in. It's a two actor show, which means she has about one bazillion lines, done in the Homeric style. It's the very definition of epic and it's playing for three nights in Clark Park in West Philadelphia and then going on tour. (There are open dates on the calendar, so if you book this sort of thing, do drop a line.)

Clickenzee to Embiggen

As usual, people who travel vast distances are welcome to stay at the Rock Star Hotel, email for details. We have sleeping arrangements for eleven.

Photo-nerd details: Main light is a 63 inch PhoTek Softlighter II, the back light is an sb80 with a snoot providing rim light through the fog. Voice activated light stand: Intern Monkey Addie Plumb.

Life is grand. Do something spectacular today.

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