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buried busy openings

It's been kind of frantic around here lately, I've been running around and trillian_stars has been rehearsing for two shows and time has a way of getting bunched up behind us like a hallway carpet. I remember those languid summers of my youth when three months would stretch interminably before you, the land of futures unknown, like an empty box you could fill leisurely with seashells -- and now it seems that three months can go by while I'm looking at my calendar and when it's behind it's so far behind it seems like zygots could have grown up and voted in the time between then and now.

Wednesday night I went to the opening of Trillian's new play, Boat Hole which was funny in a way I haven't seen theater be funny in a long time. Rather than the enormous productions with steam and swords and fire that Curio's been putting on lately, this was a very stripped down series of comedy sketches -- where a ribbon is the sea and a beer can might be the only prop -- it's you, and an actor or two and the magic of words.

Trillian's photo showed up in the Metro this morning with Bert who plays opposite her in "Shot and a Beer", one of the dozen short vignettes that make up Boat Hole.

After the play I stood around in a corner while people congratulated Trill, We walked down temperate streets later while people pointed and waved. She shook hands with old people, smiled and nodded at festive couples, and said "thank you, it was a great show to be in" and lived in a world that bubbled up around her, because she was a success, and she was the funny one, and she was the one who'd made people's worlds a better place and I was just the guy with the actress, holding her purse while she signed napkins, which was exactly the most wonderful place in the world to be.

Trill's play closes tomorrow night, go see it if you have a chance.

I secretly snapped some photos during the show, you know, just like they tell you not to do. You'll just have to wonder what the heck is going on.


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