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more plays

If you're in or around Philly, trillian_stars' new play, Homer's The Iliad which documents the bloody siege of Troy, the rage of Achilles, and the death of -- well, nearly everyone, plays in Philadelphia October 1st through 3rd before going on the road. It's done with two actors doing all the parts -- (I'll let all you Classics majors wax about the Homeric tradition of bards).

I was happy to be able to do a new publicity shot for it yesterday because some newspaper wanted to run two photos and we'd only done the one. (And how could you possibly have missed the first one which is awesome?) Photo geekery -- this is a two light setup, one little Nikon 2b800 in the gigantic 63 inch Photek Softlighter II about two and a half feet from the subjects, camera left, and an alien bees 800 firing into a wall being reflected onto a bed sheet (Haven't I told you to never use a bed sheet as a backdrop? I should do a post about why.) A bit of sharpening done to the eyes and hair and some grain added in post.

I'll keep you up to date on the touring schedule. If you're the person who books events for the classics department at some university or other, drop me a line, I'll pass it along.

Let us know if you're coming from out of town, I'll be hosting a picnic the 1st and 3rd. See you at the show.

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