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Art stuff....

Photographer Dominic Episcopo and I are the jurors for the Sketch Club's 2010 photography show, which opens October 8th at the Philadelphia Sketch Club -- you can see some of Dominic's work Here on the Huffington Post

Here we are on Saturday, judging:

It took about four hours and I'm happy with the results -- I think all the right people won and Dominic and I got along famously. His work is very clever and so technically proficient there is much I can learn from him.

When I got home I noticed that I'd gotten a postcard for the show in the mail which has one of my photos on it and one of Dominic's

and the newspaper on the doorstep had trillian_stars' photo on the front page with a story about her play, which opens October 1st. I'll be there on opening and closing nights if anybody's coming out.

The Digilux book is coming along a little slower than I'd hoped, I've still got about five shots to do. Some of the quotes were hard. One of the hardest I was pleased suddenly, in an instant, stopped being hard and suddenly became obvious and came out wonderfully. I might try and do another photo before midnight.

We got a Roku box which streams Netflix -- bad thing. I'll be working on something and think "you know, I could go watch Godzilla vs. the Killer Bees ... RIGHT NOW." Productivity has taken a hit.

We also went to see Titus Andronicus that had so many of our friends in it & sooooo much blood. I'd write about it, but I fear this is over-long already.

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