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Two weeks ago I got this crazy idea in my head to find a ten year old 1.3 megapixel Leica Digilux and make a series of images with it based on lines people sent me from novels. Well, it's done. It's a 24 page booklet called The Day My Grandmother Exploded, a quote from Iain Banks "The Crow Road" suggested by Craig Zeni.

Three hundred people emailed quotes, I picked the first twenty. Some of the images were obvious and popped right into my head, others sat around for a while and took more thought. Sometimes I'd repeat a few words over and over, close my eyes and try and see what materialized. It was a nifty adventure.

Intern Monkey addieplum is mailing books out. I'd initially decided not to make more books than contributors but there was a very small over-run due to the fact that I have difficulty counting to twenty, so if you want one they're $21.50, email me to check availability, first come, first served.

But, in other news, you can buy selected prints from the series here. They're 4x6, suitable for your tiny apartment, bathroom wall, or fridge (not because I'm clever, but because that's as big as 1.3 megapixels really wants to print.)

Really? I can get a print for $8.04??!!. Yes you can.

Don't forget to be awesome today. Write a poem or take a photo or pet a dog.

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