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The aftermath

... The aftermath of the Amanda Palmer Live webcast. Im somewhere in Brooklyn. Models and rock stars are bundled about me, cocooned in bed sheets. A single housefly has disturbed me more than any creature has bothered (wo)man since the white whale harrassed Ahab ... Fancy photo shooy starts in an hour and my day explodes from there. trillian_stars texted to say that shes on a charity walk for cancer with our friend Barbara. Trchnology id amazing. Even if this stupid lj app dorsnt havr auyocorrect. (you THINK its easy to type on an iphone keyboard, it is not) lots of wonderful people at the party last night. I met and did the greatest photo with Bitter Ruin (google them, watch their video), Sxip Shirey was there, i met Meow Meow for the first time, an NPR commentator and a Huffington Post reporter plus many people who reae this blog. It was lovely.

Must start working soon. Be brilliant today. Hello nine million new lj people, im kyle and my lj app has no spell check.

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