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Bitter Ruin

Big update coming soon, but right now please let me introduce you to Georgia and Ben -- better known as Bitter Ruin. They're a dark cabaret / spanish guitar / tango band out of Brighton England and they're marvelous, lovely, wonderful, delightful people and you want to go see them while they're on tour in the U.S. (And if you're in Philly this Wednesday, I'll be there, so come say hi to all of us.)

Clickenzee to Embiggen

If you're not positive you want to see them just from this photo do check out their video for Beware which is wonderful spread thick:

If your can't see their show -- please consider buying one or more of their albums -- available the old fashioned way as well as iTunes & Amazon.

Being on the road for the first time in a country that's not your own can be a daunting thing. It's the people in the audience & the people who come up after the show and say "you were really great" that make a difference. And album sales are what keeps the tour going.

Here's their tour schedule:

11th Oct 2010: Parkside Lounge (21+) New York, NY 8pm $5
12th Oct 2010 HMAC - Stage on Herr w/Jason Webley Harrisburg, PA 8pm $5s/d
13th Oct 2010 The Fire w/Jason Webley Philadelphia, PA
14th Oct 2010 Metro Gallery w/Jason Webley Baltimore, MD $8
15th Oct 2010 WindUp Space w/Zoe Boekbinder Baltimore, MD 8.30pm $8
16th Oct 2010 The Juggling Gypsy Wilmington, NC
19th Oct 2010 The Shelter Atlanta, GA 8.30pm $8/10
3rd Nov 2010 The Dresden Dolls' Reunion Tour Wilbur Theatre Boston, MA 8pm $29.50

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